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Kryolan Contour Pencil is a soft textured pencil for face and body contouring.

6,50€ 10,00€

Lipstick with a long-proven formulation, including Vitamin E to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism.

9,10€ 14,00€

Faceliner is a soft textured pencil.

11,05€ 17,00€

Illusion is a versatile, lightweight cream with a gloss finish.

15,60€ 24,00€

With its intense new colors and enhanced super-gloss effect High Gloss performs remarkably.

16,90€ 26,00€

Lip Stain is a matt, color-intense, long-lasting and smudge-proof lip fluid.

18,85€ 29,00€

Lip Rouge in an elegant mirror-set with 5 colors.

19,50€ 30,00€

Lip Shine Circle is a creamy lip gloss, containing silicone, for brilliant and lustrous effects with protective and soothing vitamin additives.

20,15€ 31,00€

Illusion in an elegant mirror palette.

59,15€ 91,00€
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items