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Iridescent, micro-fine eyedust powder for brilliant shimmer effects.

8,40€ 12,00€

Made of micro-fine iridescent effect pigments Holographic Pigments conjure individually shimmering surprise effects on eyes, face and body.

18,90€ 27,00€

A micronized compact powder with exceptionally soft and silky consistency, for glamourous light and glowing effects on the skin.

27,30€ 39,00€

Ultra Foundation is a cream foundation specially formulated for the most demanding make-up expectations.

32,20€ 46,00€

Shimmering Event Foundation is a very light and gentle fluid foundation for appealing light effects.

32,90€ 47,00€

HD Micro Foundation Cache is a special foundation, created with finest, micronized pigments, that delivers an exceptional perfect make-up and also has excellent covering power.

40,60€ 58,00€
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items