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Achieve ultimate precision with our synthetic Blue Master Precision Liner Brush.


Our Blue Master Fine Angle Brush is designed with fine, soft bristles and the perfect angle to support effortless application of eyebrows, eyeliner or intricate details that require a delicate touch.


The soft hair and oval, tapered tip of our Blue Master Eye Shadow Blending Brush effortlessly achieves a precise, seamless blend with both powder and cream products.


The densely packed, silky-smooth bristles of our Blue Master Defining Lip Brush glide along the lip to achieve a perfectly defined lip line.


Our Blue Master Blush Brush has an oval, tapered head with dense, synthetic bristles; the ideal brush to melt cream products into the skin with controlled application and beautiful seamless blends.


Our Blue Master Eye Shadow Blender Brush has a short, tapered head; perfect for controlled blending when using a multitude of shades in one eye shadow look.


The round, oval head and a short-tapered tip of our Blue Master Eye Shadow Contour Brush Large makes the ideal brush to concentrate product on a small area, while simultaneously blending to avoid harsh lines.


Our Blue Master Multi-Purpose Blender Brush Small is a multi-functional brush.


Our Blue Master Precision Blending Brush has ultra-soft, short, domed bristles apply, blend and buff products into the skin with precision to create a flawless, seamless blend of cream and powder products.


Our Blue Master Skin Perfecter Brush Small has super-soft, rounded, oval bristles that effortlessly blend cream and powder products.


Our Blue Master Under Eye Buffer is your go-to, multi-purpose brush to perfect any lower lash line applications.

Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items