Terms of use

Terms of Use of the E-Shop of HEALTHPRO LTD

The use of the online pages and services of https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ by the visitor/user requires the unreserved agreement with the following terms of use, that apply to the entire content included in its webpage. Consequently, the visitor/user has to read carefully these terms before using the services of the webpage and if he/she is not in agreement, should not use the services and their content. The user/visitor is requested to check the terms of use content for possible changes. The continuing use of https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ even after changes are applied, is signifying the unreserved acceptance of these terms on behalf of the visitor/user.

The https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ webpage is the official online store of the company “HEALTHPRO LTD”, member of the Orphanos Group, with Company Registration Num-ber 117018 and activity at “Medical and Rehabilitation Equipments, Materials and Disposables”. The headquarters of the Company are located in Leontiou A’ 183, Leontiou Center, Block C, 3020 Limassol, email: online@orphanosgroup.net , tel. 25877240
The standing goal of HEALTHPRO LTD is the best possible service to our customers. The specific online store (e-shop) gives to our customers and all online users the capability to be informed directly about the products our company offers, and also to make their purchases online. On our website we give our customers the capability to be informed about the existing stock in the physical ORPHANOS HEALTHCARE store.

Copyrights and Trademark The entire webpage design, the text, the graphics, the selections and the settings of it, are copyrights of “HEALTHPRO LTD” and are protected by the provisions of the Cyprus law, the European law and the international conventions. Αll rights reserved, every text or image bearing the ORPHANOS HEALTHCARE symbols are trademarks or registered trademarks and are used presently after license of their respective owners.

3.1 Legal Base for Processing, Provision of Information / Notification and Data Update
The company under the name “HEALTHPRO LTD”, is responsible for the processing of personal data of the visitor/registered user and controls the processing of his data in the webpage of https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ services. HEALTHPRO LTD informs the visitor/registered user-customer of the following, and the visitor/registered user-customer acknowledges that he/she is aware of the following:

3.1.a For the processing of his/her personal data as described below, HEALTHPRO LTD relies on the following legal bases:
• Execution of the Agreement: In order for the purposes of this agreement to be satisfied, i.e. in order for the visitor/registered user-customer to conclude his orders in https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ the processing of the personal data he gives upon his registration and submission of his order in the order registration form and the reporting of his transactions are necessary. Purpose of this basic processing of data is the completion of the certain order, the contact with the user-customer and the dispatch of informative messages relating to the stages required until the order is properly delivered, the provision of explanation in relation to the order, and in general the information about purchases made, the delivery of the order to the place of the user’s - customer’s choice, the confirmation and identification of the user-customer in any necessary case and the notification about the available stock in the https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/. HEALTHPRO LTD also reserves the right to inform the member regularly via a phone contact, by post, via e-mail, mobile SMS or through any other appropriate means of communication using the member’s contact details, duly obtained, in respect of the registration in https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ for online purchase of its products and services under their transactional relationship (Law 112(I)/2004), and provided the member has not objected against this contact. This information may include information about its products or/and offers or/and competitions, the contact for survey purposes for the improvement of the products and services provided to its members as well as any other promotional actions of the Company and the service of similar purposes.
• Legal Interests: Any form of processing of personal data is necessary for the im-provement of services provided by HEALTHPRO LTD (processing of statistical and non-identifiable data), the detection of a fraud attempt or misuse by the member, as well as for ensuring the legal interests of HEALTHPRO LTD.
• Approval-Consent: The registered user-customer is invited to give his specific, clear and free consent to the individualized analysis of the consumer behavior of the registered user-customer with the purpose of sending to him commercial communication details together with personalized offers about the products or the services of HEALTHPRO LTD according to the preferences of the aforementioned user-customer with or without human intervention, so that the registered user-customer could receive individualized notifications and offers by HEALTHPRO LTD, which shall better match his profile and preferences.

3.1.b. The member has the right but also the obligation to access, rectify and up-date his personal data, and he is obliged to notify as soon as possible HEALTHPRO LTD of the following:
• any change of personal data provided upon his registration in the e-shop of HEALTHPRO LTD for the better service of the member;

3.2 Processing and category of personal data - Rights of visitors/ registered users
a) Personal Data Processing: HEALTHPRO LTD shall process the personal data of the visitor/registered user-customer, as these are given by himself at the opening of his account and in his order in the data registration form, in order for the specific order be completed through our online store. The user/customer has the option to select 2 ways in order to complete an online order and to register his personal data:
1. As a guest/visitor: In this case the personal data of the visitor/customer shall be re-tained in the records of HEALTHPRO LTD for thirty (30) days as of the closing and deliver of his specific order and the processing of these data shall only relate to the execution of the sale agreement remotely. The data, however, proving the conclusion of the transaction shall be retained for tax purposes (invoice statement).
2. As a registered user of the online store: In this case the customer/user has created a user’s account in our online store and his personal data shall be retained in the records of the company until he requests their deletion. Once per year HEALTHPRO LTD shall request from the user/customer to confirm the accuracy of the data it maintains and to update them provided there are changes. The user/customer may at any time change or correct his data making a log-in into his account in https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ (login) filling in his username and his password.

b) Personal Data Category More specifically, the personal data that every visitor/registered user-customer should provide in order for any transaction can be performed via the e-shop (https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/) of HEALTHPRO LTD, and in order for orders of company products to be submitted, are the following:
• the full name (first name and surname) of the customer;
• the delivery address of the products;
• the charging address of the order (in case this is different from the delivery ad-dress);
• the invoicing data (in case an invoice payment has been selected);
• the number of a contact line;
• the e-mail of the customer.

The category of the personal data processed by HEALTHPRO LTD according to the processing purpose is the following:
i. For the execution of the agreement (thus, in order for the visitor/registered user-customer to conclude his orders in https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/):
• the full name (first name and surname);
• the delivery address of the products;
• the charging address of the order (in case this is different from the delivery ad-dress);
• the invoicing data (in case an invoice payment has been selected);
• the number of a contact line;
• the e-mail of the user/customer;
• products purchased;
• history of orders
The visitor/registered user is informed that the provision of his aforementioned obligatory personal data as well as his transactions data are necessary and con-stitute a requirement for the proper execution of the order agreement and the delivery of the products and services. For this reason, the consent of the user-customer to this specific processing is not required.
ii. For the analysis of the individualized consumer behavior of the registered user-customer with the purpose of sending to him commercial communication with personalized offers for the products or the services of HEALTHPRO LTD, according to his preferences with or without human intervention so that the member can receive individualized notifications and offers from HEALTHPRO LTD, which shall better match his profile and preferences, HEALTHPRO LTD shall process additionally the following data of the member:
- Products bought via the online store: https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/
- Frequency of Visits (Visitation Rate) to https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/
- Products in the visitor’s/customer’s basket or in the wish list on the online store: https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/
- Demographic data disclosed in the online store: https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/
- Years of using the online store https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ as a registered user-customer
- Participation in promotional activities/campaigns
- Expense made upon purchase in the online store: https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/
- History of Orders in the online store: https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/

iii. In case a delivery of the products to a third party different from the visitor/register user is requested, the latter acknowledges that he shall have full responsibility for the provision of information to and the full consent of the aforementioned third party, whom he appoints as a recipient, for the disclosure of his personal data to the company “HEALTHPRO LTD”, only for the purpose of delivery to the third party, of the respective products, and undertakes full liability for any claims of this person (third party) against the company “HEALTHPRO LTD”.

The credit card data are not stored in storage means of the company during the transaction but are registered directly in a safe environment of the partner company (Viva Payments Services S.A. and Paypal), which has undertaken the launching of the payment procedure by cards.

iv. The visitor but also the registered user-customer is also informed that in respect of the contact between him and HEALTHPRO LTD, under the (Law112(I)/2004), HEALTHPRO LTD is processing the contact details registered by him. Fur-thermore, when notifications about changes of the terms of use of https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ are sent via SMS/viber/email etc. to the registered user-customer with a hyperlink (link), the IP address of his electronic device (mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc.) may be registered as a proof that the member has received the relevant information.

c) Data Recipients: As regards the data which are necessary for the pursuit of each and any of the above mentioned processing purposes and in respect of the responsibilities of each recipient, the recipients of data of the registered user-customer are or may be:
i. The responsible employees of HEALTHPRO LTD;
ii. The tax authorities and the banking authorities in case of a relevant audit;
iii. The provides CRM services and processes the data of registered users-customers as processor on behalf of HEALTHPRO LTD, pursuant to the instructions and orders of HEALTHPRO LTD or any other company that will in the future provide to HEALTHPRO LTD the same services in replacement of or in cooperation with the aforementioned company;
iv) External partners who provide internet services, orders storage and management, call centre services, courier service or group shipping of products, services for product establishment and services for the sales data analysis, internet service providers and e-commerce providers and call centres for customers service with whom HEALTHPRO LTD collaborates, and who are subject to the special strict terms of personal data processing agreed with HEALTHPRO LTD as Data Controller.
During the registration, access or/and processing of the personal data of the member, the workers and agents of HEALTHPRO LTD fully comply with the provisions of the European General Regulation 2016/679 for Data Protection as well as with the applicable Cyprus legislation and case law regarding the personal data protection. HEALTHPRO LTD requests from its workers, the maintenance providers of its webpage, as well as from its associates-third parties to take all necessary technical and or-ganizational measures (including the appropriate policies and procedures, so that they can prevent the disclosure of the personal data of its visitors/registered users-customers, who process, possess and apply management procedures and data processing procedures in a way provided by law and protect them according to the GDPR).

d) Rights of the Data Subject:
 Each registered user-customer, as a data subject, may exercise at any time his rights, as prescribed in the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 EU and, particularly, in the articles 12 until 23 of GDPR and the national legislation, and more specifically:
i. the right to receive information and obtain access to the data processed by HEALTHPRO LTD;
ii) the right to restriction of his data processing;
iii) the right of rectification or erasure of some or all (right to be forgotten) of his personal data;
iv) the right to object, that is to oppose the processing of his personal data, and
v) the right to data portability.

The member may exercise his aforementioned rights as follows:
Regarding the right/obligation of access and rectification of /completion the personal data, the company provides to the registered users-customers of https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ the option to review, rectify/supplement their personal data through their personal account in https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ in the menu “My information” and in the filed “Processing”.
Regarding the right of data portability, HEALTHPRO LTD provides the option to registered users-customers of https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ to obtain their personal data or/and transmit them to another data controller in the form indicated by the competent supervisory authority, submitting the relevant request to the e-mail address: online@orphanosgroup.net or cs.ecommerce@ORPHANOS HEALTHCARE.com.cy.
The member is entitled to revoke his consent at any time and for any processing of his personal data performed under his consent, without affecting the legality of the processing based on the consent prior to the withdrawal of the consent. The revoca-tion of the consent may be executed from his personal account in https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ in the menu “My information”, and in the field “Processing” or by sending an e-mail to online@orphanosgroup.net

In case of exercise of one of the above mentioned rights of the registered user-customer, HEALTHPRO LTD shall take any possible measure for the satisfaction of the request within one (1) month as of its submission. In this case, the registered user-customer is informed that the least required information of his personal data shall be maintained in order for the company to secure its legal interests. The deletion of the registered user-customer of https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ may be performed via email in the e-mail address: online@orphanosgroup.net

e) Term for the Retention of Personal Data: The data of the visitor user-customer shall be kept and processed by HEALTHPRO LTD for a period of thirty (30) days as of the completion of his specific order.
The data of the registered user-customer shall be kept and processed by the company until the registered user-customer requests the deletion of his account or, for any data processing performed under his consent, until he declares the withdrawal of his consent for the purposes of provision of services of HEALTHPRO LTD. Nevertheless, some required personal data relating to this transactions with HEALTHPRO LTD as well as the information, consent and withdrawal of consent of the member for the processing of his data may be retained as information about the registered user-customer as a guaranteed proof of the lawful processing of his data by HEALTHPRO LTD and for ensuring the legal claims of the parties.

f) Special Category Data: The member is informed that HEALTHPRO LTD neither collects nor demands the disclosure of sensitive personal data (data of a special category) for the needs of https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/.

g) Transparency Obligation: For any information regarding his data as well as their processing and protection the registered user-customer may address the Data Protection Officer of HEALTHPRO LTD (Data Protection Officer) in the email online@orphanosgroup.net and in the call line 25877240 and provided that he considers his answer non-satisfactory, he is informed that he has the right to file an action before the competent supervisory authority (Data Protection Authority, 1 Iasonos str, 1082 Nicosia, commissionerdataprotection.gov.cy).

h) Technical and Organizational Protection Measures: HEALTHPRO LTD, the data processors acting on behalf of HEALTHPRO LTD and its agents/assistants for the performance of its duties apply the appropriate technical and organizational measures for the best possible protection of the personal data against any incidental or illegal destruction, damage or loss, alteration, illicit notification or access to these and in general their unlawful processing (includ-ing the remote access) as well as for ensuring the recovery option of the availability of data and of access to them. These measures aim at ensuring a safety level ad-dressing the risk that may affect the certain data, taking always into account the kind, category and significance of the data, the evolution of the technology, the ap-plication cost and the nature, scope of application, the framework and the purposes of each specific processing, applying at the same time procedures for the regular testing, assessment and evaluation of efficiency of these technical and organizational measures. In any case HEALTHPRO LTD, the data processors on behalf of HEALTHPRO LTD and its agents/ assistants are committed to keep the confidentiality of the personal data of the members and not to disclose or all access to the data to any third party without the prior notification of the member except for in cases explicitly provided by law.

HEALTHPRO LTD declares that no other use of the personal data of the member shall be made for other purposes, apart from those mentioned in the present terms without notification in advance, and where required, his express con-sent.

In our webpage we use Cookies.
HEALTHPRO LTD holds a strict policy for the protection of privacy of https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ visitors. In this note we provide you with more information on how we use “cookies” as well as other automated means in order to collect certain information re-garding the visitors of our webpage, such as the number of visitors of our webpage and our most visited websites, through any kind of browser and device used. Upon collection of this information we learn to adjust better our webpage and our advertisements to our visitors.

Cookies and other Automated Means for the Collection of Data
Cookies are short software texts stored in any of your devices through the use of any kind of browser, whenever you visit a website. We may use cookies in order to be informed for example, if you have visited our webpage in the past or if you are a new visitor as well as to help us detect features of our webpage, for which you may be more interested. Cookies may improve your online experience by storing your preferences while visiting a specific webpage.

Web Beacons
The Web beacons (also known as Internet tags, pixel tags and clear GIFs) are usually trans-parent images of graphics uploaded in a webpage. The Web beacons are used in combina-tion with the cookies in order to register the activity of the visitors in the websites.

IP and URLs Addresses
The IP address is a unique locator used by certain electronic devices in order to be detected and contact each other in the Internet. When you visit our webpage, we can see the IP address of the device you used in order to connect to the Internet. We use this information in order to specify the general geographical location of the device and comprehend from which geographical areas the visitors of our webpage are coming. We can use this information in order to change the presentation method of our webpage so that we can improve your visit.

The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a unique locator or address for any media in the internet and, basically, it means the address of the webpage you visit. We shall use this information so that we can find out which webpage are most visited as well as the way you use to surf in our webpage.

What kind of cookies we use?

In our webpage we use the following cookies:

Absolutely Necessary Cookies
The absolutely necessary cookies are of vital importance for the proper function of the website, they allow you to surf in the website and use its options, as well as they give you access to secure areas, registration forms, list of beloved persons, use of the basket for purchases and for security reasons. These cookies do not recognize your personal identity. Without these cookies we cannot offer an effective function of our website.

Cookies of Performance and Analysis
These cookies collect information about the way the visitors use the website, which pages they visit more frequently and if they receive error messages from the webpage. These cookies collect consolidated, anonymous information, which do not identify any visitor. They are used exclusively for the improvement of the performance results of a webpage and allow us to collect information regarding the rate of using our webpage, including the content you choose during your surf in our webpage, in order to measure the effectiveness and the interaction of the consumers with the webpage as well as to improve our pages in due course. These cookies can be provided to us by third parties-providers of analytical tools but only used for the purposes related to our webpage
Eg.: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs...

Cookies for targeting/advertising
These cookies are used for the provision of content which suits you and your interests better. They may be used for the sending of targeted advertisement/offers, the limitation of advertisement presentations or the measurement of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. These cookies can be used in order for us to remember the websites you have visited so that we can determine which online marketing channels are more effective and allow us to praise webpage of third parties and external partners who forwarded you to us.

How can you De-activate the Use of Cookies?
In case you wish to activate or deactivate the use of cookies in the settings of your browser, depending on the kind of your browser, you must visit the following webpage, in order to learn about the required relevant actions.
Internet Explorer http://support.microsoft.com/kb/278835
Firefox http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/delete-cookies-remove-info-websites-stored
Chrome http://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=en
Opera http://www.opera.com/browser/tutorials/security/privacy/
Safari http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5042
Safari for iPad and iPhone http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1677

Today SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, is the worldwide web standard for websites certification among internet users and also for element encoding among users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between the customer and the server to be encrypted from the sending software and decrypted from the receiving software, protecting in this way personal information during the transfer. Also, all information sent with the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies if the data have changed during the transfer.

Private security is also consisted from the password you give when you become a user of https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/. In order for us to show any personal data the username and password must first be provided. For this reason you should keep safe these data in order not to be known to third parties. We also advise you to create passwords consisted of symbols with alphabetical and numerical characters. 

We should, finally, remind you that your credit card data are not saved at the company’s storage media during the transaction but they are directly registered in the safe environment of the partner company (RCB Payment Systems and Pay-pal), that has undertaken the launching of the payment procedure by cards. All transactions taken place through https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ are regulated by International and European Law, which regulates issues regarding e-commerce and also by the Law on consumer protection (L.2251/1994), that regulates issues regarding distance selling.


Products available for sale, their characteristics, prices and available stock are on the online address https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ and they are accessible to everyone. Users are able to search for more information for each product by clicking on the thumbnail of the product. ORPHANOS HEALTHCARE guarantees the timely information of the customers about the availability or the unavailability of the products but holds no liability for their availability. ORPHANOS HEALTHCARE makes daily every effort to provide all required information for each product (technical features , prices etc). However, in order to avoid possible mistakes, we recommend you before completing any transaction to contact us in case the prices or any other product feature are not ordinary or reasonable.
The online prices in our webpage https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ are consistent with the current prices of our physical store with the commercial name ORPHANOS HEALTHCARE, owned by HEALTHPRO LTD. During specific periods of time, it is possible special offers and discounts to be provided in the context of promotional actions of the company, which shall apply only for specified products and only for purchases in the webpage https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/.
The prices mentioned in the relevant catalogues underneath each product include a VAT (19%) or (5%). The online store https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ owned by HEALTHPRO LTD, reserves the right to readjust the prices without being obliged to inform the consumers in general.

The orders via the website https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ constitute sale agreement that are concluded remotely, which are governed by the legislative framework of L.2251/1994 (as currently applicable) and its amendments referred to in the P.D. 131/2003 (Gov.Gaz.A’ 116/16.05.2003) and the Decision No. 31619 Gov.Gaz. 969/22.3.2017, as well as the harmonisation of the Cyprus legislation with the Directive 2011/83/ΕU issued by the European Parliament and the Council on the 25th of October 2011, regarding the rights of consumers, the amendment of the directive 93/13/EEC issued by the Council and the directive 1999/44/EC issued by the European Parliament and the Council and the abolition of the directive 85/577/EEC by the Council and the directive 97/7/EC by the European Parliament and the Council, which was published in the Official Journal of the European Union, under the number L.304 on the 22.11.2011, as this entered into force from the 13/06/2014.

The user has a right to conclude a valid order via the online store, provided he has the legal capacity to conclude agreements in compliance with the provisions of the Cyprus Civil Code (if he is eighteen years of age and is not under judicial custody in respect of the conclusion of the sale agreement). Orders can also take place by the legal representatives of legal entities. HEALTHPRO LTD reserves the right to claim from the supervisor or guardian any orders, which shall be made by legally incapacitated persons.


In order to place an order at the ORPHANOS HEALTHCARE online store (https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/) the following are required:
1. Complete the special form with the necessary data to conclude a sale agreement.
2. The unconditional acceptance of the sale agreement terms and terms of use, especially the collection and where it is required the use of personal data.

In all pages of the online store https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ and next to each available product for purchase, there is the button “Add to Cart”. Browse our webstore and add to your basket the products you wish to buy.

In case that the message “How to find it” appears, the product is in temporary shortage and by putting your e-mails in the specific field you will be informed about the delivery of the item once this item is delivered in our warehouses.

In order to continue your purchases, you must select from the central categories the one that contains the next item you are looking for and add it in your basket as well. When you complete the product add-in procedure press the button “Shopping Basket” in the upper right part of your screen. It is not necessary to be a registered user of https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ in order to place an order, however we advise you to register in https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/, since the whole process will be much easier in any future use of the webstore. Fill in the form your e-mail & password you have given at the time of your registration and click login in the members’ area.

If you are not a member press the “create new account” button. Fill in the new member registration form with an active email account. The email you will give us must exist because all of our communication will take place via the email you have registered.

Order Procedure
The order is completed in 3 steps.

In the 1st step  Add toshopping basket

In the 2nd step you will be asked to login if you are already a registered user or to make a new registration. You are also given the option to make purchases as simple visitor (guest) without registering necessarily, registering, however, all required data for the completion of your order.

In the 3d step you will be asked to give all information regarding the invoicing: a) if you wish a receipt or invoice, b) all details relating to the invoicing, data and address of invoice, as well as data and shipping address if it is different from the one of the invoice.

You also select the Payment Method. Here you are given the option to select to pay 1) On delivery 2) By Credit Card, 3) via PayPal
Depending on the way of payment you will select, the respective form is “loaded”.

To complete the order, you will be asked to agree with the terms of use, which we suggest you have read before you complete your order by pressing the button “Check Out” . You have the option to make a last check of your order before you proceed to its completion.

In the course of placing your order, and if you are already a registered user of the site, you can visit the unit “My orders” so that you can get information about the progress of your order. The progress stages are the following:

“Order Registration": Your order has been registered.

“Order shipment": The products of the order are collected and are shipped to your place.

"Order arrival at the transfer agency of your city (if any)”: Your order has arrived at the transfer station of your city and will be at your place soon.

“Order Delivery”: Your products have been delivered at your place or at the agency of your choice.

In case a pending matter occurs concerning your order, we shall contact you at the contact details you have given us.

In case you do not receive the relative confirmation email or an alert via telephone, it is your obligation to inform us without delay because there is possibly a problem with the contact details you have given us. HEALTHPRO LTD bears no liability in case you have registered wrong contact information, thus the communication with you is impossible.

For the facilitation and support of all those, who wish to purchase from our online store: https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/, we have the following means of payment:

1. Credit or Debit Card Charge. The charging of the card takes place on the day the shipping procedure commences. The online store https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ has taken all necessary precautions for the safety of your transactions with credit/debit card and all credit/debit card holders go through validation checks. By choosing this method of payment you will be redirected in a safe environment for transactions of the partner company, that has undertaken the task of accepting and verifying the cards (Viva Payments Services S.A. and Paypal), where you will be asked to give all your card data. It is important to mention necessarily a telephone contact and a valid email address. In case your credit card is not approved by your bank the company has the right to cancel your order.

2. Cash on Delivery (cash only) when you receive the products.

3. Your order will be on hold and will be proceeded when the amount is deposited and the bank has confirmed the deposit. Usually the time of waiting for the receipt of the payment confirmation is up to 2 working days. To facilitate the process please send us a copy of the deposit on which the order number and your full name must be written, to the email address: online@orphanosgroup.net. Alternatively, you can send us the date, the bank and the deposit description, together with the order number, your full name and a telephone contact to the above e-mail address. In case of a non-deposit within 2 working days, your order shall be cancelled.

5. Via the safe internet payment service of PayPal.

The consumer is informed via the website by the company before the completion of his order about the identity and the address of the supplier, the essential features of the product, the price, the quantity, the transport cost, the means of payment and delivery and the time of delivery.

When the order form is sent, the consumer receives an online copy of the order at the email address, he has given upon the placement of his order, which includes the description of the products of the order and a unique code with which he can view the progress of the order (if he is a registered user of https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/).

Complete Order
Upon completion of your order, the following message is displayed (for example):

Your order is completed. Please see details below.
Order Number: XXXXX

An automatic email message has been delivered at the email address you gave us at the time of your registration, with all the details of your order that were in the previous page (please check your email).


The delivery of the products, by a partner transport company (and its associates) or via a partner courier company.

  • Charges are calculated based on your post code regardless of the floor.
  • Consumer is not obliges to pay if the notice of payment has not been received.
  • The listed prices include 19% VAT.
  • Please let us know if there are difficulties accessing the delivery area.
  • In case of shipping of products to the Customer, the risk of loss or damage of goods shall be transferred to him/her, provided that he himself/she herself or any third party, other than the transporter and appointed by the Customer, has acquired physical possession of the goods. However, the risk shall be transferred to the Customer earlier and, more specifically, at the time of delivery of goods to the transporter, in case he undertakes the transport of goods upon authorization of the Customer and this option has not been offered by the Company (without prejudice of course, in this case, of the Customer’s rights/claims against the transporter). 

Return Policy
The terms and conditions described in this policy apply to all products purchased from the e-shop of HEALTHPRO LTD in Cyprus through the internet in the website: https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/.

Order Cancellation
There is the option of cancellation of the order in the e-shop.

In order to proceed to the cancellation of your order, you can either send an e-mail to the address: online@orphanosgroup.net, or call in our call centre at 25877240.

In case you have already proceeded to the payment of your order and your order has not been given to the transport company, then we shall return to you directly the corresponding value of money, via the same means you used for making your transaction (credit card, Pay Pal).

In case your order has been given to the transport company, then the return of the amount of money (price) of the cancelled order, shall take place in the same way you made your transaction (credit card, deposit to a bank account, Pay Pal), as soon as the products return to HEALTHPRO LTD.

You can change your mind within 40 days
If you change your mind you can return the products you ordered within 40 days with your receipt, order form, order confirmation email and the receipt of your credit card (in case you have paid with a credit card). To return your products you can visit the ORPHANOS HEALTHCARE store. Alternatively, you can send your request in writing by filling in the withdrawal form in online@orphanosgroup.net. For any information you might need, you can contact us by a call to our call centre at 25877240 (for calls from a fixed call line charged according to the invoicing policy of your telecommunications provider).

If you cannot return by yourself the products you have purchased from an ORPHANOS HEALTHCARE online store (https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/), the partner transport company may return them for you at an additional charge. The charge for the transport of your products de-pends on the postal code of your area and the weight of the goods. Whichever way you choose for filing the request for return of the products, the request for return enters into force as of the date that you register the request for return of the goods.

The products you want to return should be in an excellent condition, inside a closed pack-age. You are responsible for the return cost of the products unless the product is covered by a guarantee due to a manufacture deficiency. In case you opened the package of the product you should care to return it in an excellent condition, together with all parts and accessories of which it consists. You agree to care for the condition of the products to be returned from the moment they are delivered to you until the moment you shall deliver them to HEALTHPRO LTD’ store or to the partner transport company or a courier company.

In case the products are not returned within 40 days, then HEALTHPRO LTD is not obliged to accept the return or replacement of the product. In any case the maximum time limit within a product can be returned for re-placement is 40 calendar days from the date of delivery, and cannot be extended. Apart from the rights provided by the return policy, all consumer rights that apply for the consumers under the existing provisions and laws regarding sale agree-ments and, furthermore, any right deriving from the product guarantee, is valid and applicable.

Returned Products Transfer
In case you want to return products due to change of mind you are burdened with the immediate cost of returning the products. The delivery of the returned products can only take place from the address you have registered from the be-ginning and you have also stated in writing for their shipment.

You agree on providing HEALTHPRO LTD with as many details as possible regarding the delivery address, for example the floor, accessibility difficulties for the transport company/courier, elevators, narrow stairs etc in order to facilitate the delivery procedure at the place you have indicated. You agree on securing appropriate access to the registered place for the delivery of the returned products.

If the transfer operator/courier considers the delivery of the products to the registered place for delivery, possible to cause damage on your property, he will in-form you orally and with a written notice on the delivery form. You can choose to advice the transfer operator/courier to gather the products despite the possible damage mentioned in the above notice, but we are not responsible for any dam-age caused to your property or the products, given the gathering of the products will occur with due caution and care.

You agree on giving the partner all the products you wish to return, including all parts and accessories included in them. During the delivery of the returned products you will sign a delivery form given by the transfer operator, in order to certify that the delivery to the transfer operator occurred. The delivery form will be provided by the partner transfer operator/courier.

If you are not able to be present during the product delivery from the certain place you can appoint a representative that will take over the process instead of you. The representative must be an adult and must be capable of supervising the delivery instead of you.

Refund Cost of Returning Products
If you meet the refund conditions, we will refund you the amount that commensurate with the value of the products you are returning in the same way you made the original transaction (credit/debit card, PayPal), unless you wish other means of refund, in which case you must let us know in writing. Furthermore we will return to you the amount you have spent for the transfer of the products you have purchased via the HEALTHPRO LTD online store (https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/) to your place (excluding the supplementary expenses caused as a result of your own wish to use a shipping method other than the cheapest standard method we are offering).

Refund of the value of the returning products will take place as soon as possible. In any case it will take place when you inform us in writing for your return request and we accept the products return, as well as provided the products have been delivered to the partner transport company / courier.

Exceptions from the withdrawal right
The right to withdrawal does not apply in the following cases:
a) provision of goods or provision of services which price depends on the fluctuations in the financial market outside the trader's control and could occur during the withdrawal time limit.
b) provision of goods manufactured according to standards and specifications you have chosen as consumer or clearly personalized.
c) provision of goods which after the delivery are mixed intrinsically with other parts due to their nature.

• Force majeure: If for reasons of force majeure (for example bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.) is impossible to deliver the products within the time limit we will inform you via email in order to let us know if under the circumstances you wish to complete your order. HEALTHPRO LTD bears no responsibility for any situation beyond its control and will make every objectively possible endeavor for your best service.
• In cases where you have send your order online and during the delivery you realize that some part or product(s) is (are) missing from the total order, please contact us to settle all the details required and send you the products you did not receive with no extra charge.
• Terms change of this document: https://beauty.orphanosgroup.net/ has the right to change or renew the terms and conditions of the transaction. The company bears the responsibility to update the present text for any change or addition to the terms.

In case you do not receive the products you ordered (and if a long time from the filing of the order has passed) please contact the customer support at online@orphanosgroup.net. In order for us to be able to help you more efficiently we recommend you give us the special code of your order that was sent to your email address when you placed your order.

According to the Directive 2013/11/EC, which has been embodied in the Cyprus Legislation Law 148(I)/2015 on “out-of-court settlement of consumer claims by referring claims to arbitration”. If the Customer has a problem with the purchase he made from the Online Store and resides in the EU, he may use the web-site https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng for the ex-tra judicial settlement of the dispute.