Eyes Pressotherapy



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Iridium is a specific programme for eye contour treatment, able to counter, prevent and remedy the ageing process of the eye contour. Eyes Pressotherapy is a very versatile professional tool, making patients feel relaxed and regenerated at the end of a treatment.


Promotes hydration and counteracts dryness due to the reduction of sebaceous secretions in this area, which causes undesired “crow’s feet” effect.


Restructures the texture of the periocular area, which immediately appears toned and devoid of wrinkles.

Anti pollution

Relies on specific anti-pollution filters to countervail the skin aging process triggered by polluting electro-magnetic radiation.

Lifting effect

Lifts eyebrows, improving muscle tone and promoting skin elasticity.


Fights photoaging that causes pigmentation changes and thins out the delicate skin around the eyes.


Promotes lymphatic drainage with a clear anti-swelling action, to yield a relaxed and de-puffed skin.

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