Nuximia Diode Laser



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The first SMART diode laser in the world. IoT (Internet of Things) - let us keep your device's software always up-to-date, diagnose it in real-time and enable you to have an overview of the amount of shots and treatments carried out. 10-inch LCD screen with a user-friendly menu: you can easily adjust individual parameters and set the colour preference of the interface and backlight or change the menu into your native language. You'll find all the necessary information about the on-going treatment like head temperature and amount of shots. It makes the treatment easier and more comfortable than ever before! Solid head with 10 x 10 mm window that helps you provide the most precise and effective epilation. Thanks to the efficient cooling system that reaches up to -5 °C, you can assure your client for a less painful procedure. On top of that, we guarantee up to 50 million shots.

Thanks to VCSEL (SLD) technology, Nuximia offers various benefits, such as :

- better cooling system, that keeps the head cold longer than before

- longer durability of diodes,

- much more shots

- up to 50 million!

European production guarantees:

-> world-class quality materials,

-> innovative technology,

-> real-time and remote diagnostics.

  • Power electrical: 2200W | optical: 700 W
  • Spot size 10 mm
  • Total energy 140 J
  • Fluence up to 140 J/cm2 at 400 ms pulse length
  • Pulse length 0 – 400 ms
  • Frequency 1 – 10 Hz
  • Cooling system capacity –5°C minimum
  • Shots per lamp > 30 million

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